Is the HA01 Passport Headphone amp really a useful, or just another headphone amp for electric guitar?

This little headphone guitar amp is phenomenal! You can stream-in you favorite tunes with bluetooth to play along. You can create a custom sound and select from 10 custom amps and 10 IR cabinets; then adjust tone, gain and volume. You can add Chorus/Phaser effects and a hall reverb. You can even add a custom Delay with adjustments for time, feedback, and mix wet/dry signal. This little headphone preamp can work with acoustics, electrics, or hollow-body guitars to give you a crunchy metal sound, sweet bluesy tone, smooth jazz sound, a clear acoustic sound and more. And you can output straight to your DAW via USB3 or 3.5 microphone input for recording and editing. (IOS devices need the Apple lightening to USB camera adapter – but if you record with your IOS device you already know that 😉 )

Category: 4. Electronics FAQ

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