The Saddles I Ordered From Journey Instruments Don’t Fit Properly! Help!

We ship saddles as blanks, meaning they’re not sanded to the correct height for a specific guitar. The reason for this is because every guitar has slight variations in neck angle, nut height, string height, neck curve, etc. Additionally, saddle thicknesses vary well in terms of fractions of a millimeter, and saddle slot depths and widths vary from changes in humidity, and temperature. This means that for every guitar, the saddle needs to be sanded down for that guitar’s specifics to the proper fit. Here’s a video on how to sand down your saddle for the proper height: Here’s a video to show you how to sand down the saddle height and width using straight edges and sandpaper without the use of a sanding belt:

If the spare saddle included in your guitar is too high, we recommend you use a straight edge and sand paper to sand down your saddle to your desired height, referencing the videos above. Reason being, it’s impossible for us to sand it down remotely without the guitar in our shop, and every guitarists preferred string height is different.

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