What are the Advantages of Journey’s Carbon Guitars?
  1. Our carbon guitars use pre-impregnated carbon fiber fabric, which translates into 10-20 times the amount of carbon fiber found in guitars that are injection-molded. There are a number of low-budget injection molded plastic guitars with around 5-7% carbon fiber.
  2. All of our core components are made from pre-impregnated carbon fiber materials: the body, the neck, the fretboard, the bridge
  3. Our carbon fiber guitars have dual-action adjustable truss rods to let you fine-tune curvature for maximum playability.
  4. Our hardware is stainless steel and our mechanisms have been cycle-tested for 4000 assembly processes, so they’re super precise and reliable.
  5. Our collapsible model necks are adjustable on the fly. With the OF660, with the twist of a knob, you can go from ultra low fingerstyle action, to heavy-handed cowboy strumming and maintain maximum comfort and playability for each style.
  6. Our patented soundboard technology provides the tone of a full-sized acoustic guitar.
  7. The benefits of pre-impregnated carbon fiber technology with our patented designs are:
    1. Longer sustain: The higher carbon content of our guitars make for a more consistant transfer of energy and thus a significantly longer sustain.
    2. General Durability: Injection-molded guitars are likely to crack in extreme cold temperatures, and warp under hotter temperatures. Our guitars have been played in Antarctica, the Sahara, and the Rain Forest, and we have a proven track record of durable, quality carbon guitars.
    3. More Stable Necks: injection-molded necks lack the reinforcement offered by actual woven carbon fibers and will warp over time. Using pre-impregnated carbon fiber in both the neck and fretboard makes our guitar necks the most stable in the business.
    4. Secure Components that don’t delaminate: Because all of our components are actually carbon fiber, our fingerboards don’t delaminate, and our bridges don’t pull off. Competing carbon guitars with wood or plastic bridges will frequently suffer from this problem as temperature and humidity will affect the different materials in various ways.
    5. Ultra Comfort: We conducted 2 years of research and testing in designing the ergonomics of our guitars and the result shows. The bevels, wedged body, and geometry of our guitars make them the most comfortable guitars you’ll ever play.
  8. Transparent, Premium Quality Electronics: We spent years researching the best components for a transparent, reliable pickup that’s maintenance free and perfect for recording. Consequently the included EPS001K passive 3-piezo pickup provides one of the best clean sound reproductions of any pickup in the market. And our new EPS001-05 and EPS001-15 active modules give dual source capability with EQ and Phase adjustment as well. If you’re looking for a gimmicky, reliable pickup that sounds phenomenal, you’ll be satisfied with our electronics.
  9. Ultra-portable Design: You simply won’t find a more portable travel-friendly guitar that feels and sounds like a real acoustic guitar.
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