What Strings Do You Recommend for My Journey Guitar?

We recommend the following strings for use in our instruments:

For Collapsible Steel String Guitars (All Carbon and Wood Overheads, Carbon RoadTrip, First Class) we use:
D’addario EXP16 Coated Phosphor Bronze Lights

*For collapsible wood guitars (with the exception of the Puddle Jumper series) , we recommend only light gauge strings. Using medium or heavier gauge strings on our collapsible wood guitars will void the warranty.

* For Puddle Jumper Series, because of the shorter 23-inch scale, we use D’Addario EXP17 Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Medium, 13-56. This is the only collapsible wood guitar for we recommend medium gauge strings.

Our carbon fiber steel string guitars (OF660, RT660) can use up to medium gauge strings.

For Journey Junior and Puddle Jumper Series we use:
D’addario EXP16 Coated Phosphor Bronze Lights

For our Classical Guitars: All OC520, OC522, FC522, JC520, OC660M we use:
Savarez 520 White Card Traditional Series classical guitar strings for our OC520, OC522, and FC522.

*we do not recommend high tension nylon strings on our collapsible wood classical guitars, but they can be used on the OC660M carbon model.

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