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Yuri Baert is a wonderful musician that travels the world, sharing his passion for singing, songwriting, and guitar playing everywhere he goes. When he’s not writing beautiful songs or making breathtaking music videos based in the gorgeous places he’s visited, you can find him on YouTube sharing his love for music there. We’re honored to call him a Journey Instruments Artist!

We asked him for a simple paragraph on what he likes about his Journey guitars for this artist feature, and, being the generous soul that he is, Yuri sent us several paragraphs, so we’ll let him take it from here:

Journey Instruments must be my favorite brand in recent years! Let me explain. I love traveling (surprising, I know!) and as a musician, it’s always so much fun when you can bring along your instrument on your “journey”, right? I used to bring my full-sized acoustic guitar. Not at all practical for compact traveling. It sometimes had to be checked as a special item, it doesn’t fit in the overhead compartments on planes, the neck can break if you’re not careful, etc. These are all problems you just don’t have with the foldable guitars of J.I., so when I stumbled upon this brand, I never expected to actually find guitars that would literally fit into a regular backpack!

I also make videos & photos, so I always have a lot of camera gear with me in a separate backpack. The way I travel now is, I put my guitar backpack (included with the guitar btw) in my check-in luggage and my camera backpack with me on the plane or vice verse, although you could actually fit quite a bit of camera gear in the guitar bag too. Point is, you have options.

I own both the Journey OF660M and the Journey OE990BL and they are both awesome for different reasons. First of all, they both look INCREDIBLE! The matte black carbon fiber of the OF660M acoustic guitar not only looks and feels amazing, but because of the material it’s basically weatherproof. If it gets cold, hot, wet, no worries, this guitar won’t deform like wooden guitars would!

A valid question would be, “A guitar made from carbon fiber – can it actually sound any good?” And surprisingly, yes! Not only does it sound great acoustically, the plugin sound is probably even better!

Recently, J.I. released their electrical collapsible guitar, the OE990. I own the blue version and it is absolutely gorgeous! The sound and quality of this guitar is incredible for its price range and combined with Journey’s Passport headphone amp, you can connect your guitar to a portable speaker, headphones and even record stuff by connecting to your laptop. Also, the included backpack is a definite upgrade, as you have a ton of space and extra pouches for clothes, camera gear, recording gear, accessories and more.

I could honestly keep bragging about them and fill up multiple full pages with nothing but good things to say about Journey Instruments. It’s a revolutionary brand for traveling musicians. I can’t wait to see what their future releases will be and how they will keep improving and upgrading their products!”

Find out more about Yuri and his music right here!

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