I’m getting an uneven signal on my passive piezo pickups – HELP!

If you’re getting an uneven signal from your pickups (some strings are louder than others), this could be caused by several factors. We recommend you troubleshoot in this order:

  1. Poor connection:
    • Make sure the 2mm male connector from the piezos is is fully plugged into the guitar jack female connector inside the guitar body, and that your instrument cable is plugged in properly.
  2. The bottom of the saddle is not even.
    • If the bottom of the saddle is not evenly pressing against the base of the saddle slot, this can result in a reduction of energy transfer to the pickup located under the section of the saddle that is not flush with the base of the saddle slot. To check for this, remove the saddle, place on a flat surface, and check for unevenness from both sides of the saddle. If you see a section that is not flush with the flat surface, you’ll need to sand down the saddle to make the entire base of the saddle even. This may mean you’ll need to replace the saddle if you’re not able to get the strings to your ideal height.
  3. The saddle material has inconsistent density
    • If the saddle material is natural bone, it may have inconsistent densities that can impact the transfer of energy to the piezo elements.
  4. Incorrect or poor positioning of the piezos on the bridge plate.
  5. Poor adhesion to the bridge plate or soundboard.
    • There are several factors that can cause poor adhesion, but most common causes are:
      1. The surface of the bridge plate or soundboard where you glued the piezo is uneven or rough. To solve this, you’ll need to remove the piezo, and re-sand the area and glue again. Make sure the area is sanded evenly and there are no rough spots.
      2. There is insufficient glue applied between the piezo and the bridge plate, so that signal transfer is limited. To solve this, you’ll need to remove the piezo, and re-sand the area and glue again. Make sure surface is smooth and glue covers the entire surface of the piezo when applying.
  6. Defective or damaged piezo or wire.
    • If a piezo is bent or damaged, or if a wire has poor connectivity it can lead to reduced signal transfer. This is a rare event, but if this is the case, we will replace the piezo free of charge.
  7. It’s important to note that many of these issues will present problems for any pickup (like uneven saddle, inconsistent saddle material, uneven saddle slot, etc.) so it’s important you deal with the root issues, otherwise these tonal issues will be present with any pickup you try to install.
Category: 4. Electronics FAQ

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