JourneyTek Passive 3-piezo Pickup EP001K

JourneyTek Passive 3-piezo Pickup EP001K

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A premium,  upgradeable, clear and transparent passive 3-piezo pickup for acoustic guitars. Uses high-output German piezo elements and requires no batteries.

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Journey Instruments Pickups

The EP-001K Passive piezo pickup is an elegant pickup solution for transparent tone to amplify the natural sound of your acoustic guitar. Installation requires no modification to your guitar apart from drilling the endpin jack hole and gluing the elements to the bridge plate. This new model can be upgraded without the use of tools to our new active stereo pickup that features a gooseneck microphone and these discrete sound hole controls: Master Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble, Phase. (Note: If installing on a guitar with narrow x-bracing under the saddle, such as a Martin Jr or Taylor GS Mini, one or more of the piezos may hang off of the edge slightly)

General Specs and Details:

  • 3 balanced German-made ceramic piezo elements – 20mm diameter
  • Standard 1/4 inch (6.3mm) mono output jack
    • 2.5mm mono input jack from piezo elements
  • no batteries needed
  • length of wire from peizo element to pickup jack: 22cm
  • frequency response 22Hz-18kHz
    • EADGBE guitar frequency range is E2 (82 Hz) to F6 (1,397 Hz)
  • impedance under 1 MΩ
  • Installation Guide Here:
  • NOTE: As this is an endpin jack, you may consider buying our Journey Guitar Strap which is slit to fit this endpin. Otherwise, you may need to enlarge the hole for your strap.
    • Strap Button Threads: 3/8-32 standard (if you need to replace the strap button)
    • Inner socket Threads: M12*0.75 metric (If you need to replace a nut for the pickup inner tube threads)
  • UPC 643485843580

Great Review from Garage Band and Beyond:


Customer Reviews:

“I have installed your dual source pickup system on my Martin CEO 7 few days ago and I still can’t believe how good it sounds… It’s absolutely amazing! As compare with LR Baggs Lyric it’s definitely another world. You’ve done the best pickup system on the market for sure.”

“I received and installed my acoustic pickup.  OMG it sounds amazing.  Blew my mind it’s honestly so good I am removing my LR Baggs Anthem from my other acoustic and replacing it with another one of your pickups!”- Matt, Worship Leader, CA

“I am completely amazed at the sound! I have a 1920s parlorish guitar and it sounds phenomenal, great work! Like butter! F***in’ A!” – Doug, Texas

“I just want too thank you!!! The pickup in my Yamaha acoustic/electric bit the dust and I came across reviews of your passive pickups. My son and I installed them today and…. OMG my guitar sounds truly amazing. I was skeptical but no longer.” – Bruce, California

“I just received my Journey acoustic pickup and I didn’t waste any time getting to work on the installation. I have a Takamine that had a previously installed preamp and piezo bridge. So before I could install the Journey pickup I had to carefully remove the old system that had died after after about 9 years of faithful service. My bridge presented a minor challenge because it is pin less. I was able to find three locations to attach the pads and within 30 minutes I was tuning up my strings and plugging in to test out my work. Plugged into my Bose S1 Pro direct without any preamp was my first test. I have to say that I was really impressed with the tone! Next test was going through my NUX Floor Stageman Acoustic pedal. Now I had a sound that I would be confident to use anywhere. My other guitar is a Martin Black Smoke 000-17 with a LR Baggs Anthem SL installed in it. I played both guitars back to back to compare the tones. I was shocked at how close the tones were. The Anthem cost 4 times as much as the Journey! I will definitely purchase another one should I ever need to do this again! Thanks Journey!” – Chris, Maryland

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Hi there. Just wanted to touch base to say just how amazing your three piece transducer is. I’ve got LR Baggs VTC pickups in two guitars. I’ve always been so frustrated at the sound of them through an amp. I nearly pressed the button on a K&K pure mini until I saw a couple of videos on YT talking about your pickups. So I took a risk, bought one, ripped out the LR Baggs in my cheaper guitar and replaced with your 3 piece transducer.

OMG.! Totally at a loss as to why I’ve paid extra for guitars with active piezos in to date. My guitar actually sounds like an acoustic through my amp!!!!

Thank you so much. I will, in due course, purchase another one and install it into my more expensive guitar.” – Matt  H.

“I had a great experience with my purchase from Journey Instruments. I installed [the EP001k] on my Martin acoustic guitar and could not be happier with the results. Great product by a great company! Anyone looking for great acoustic pickup that does not break the bank account try the Journey 3 Passive Piezo Transducer system! You will not be disappointed for a product half the price of others.” – Darlene E.

“I installed it and played a show with it the next night. I normally would not do that with new gear that I haven’t thoroughly ‘put through the wringer’, but after I plugged it into an amp, I was pretty blown away by its fullness and clarity.

Very minimal amount of the “quack” sounds that usually come with piezo pickups. So minimal that with only a slight shift in my attack in the lower strings, I was able to reduce it to nothing. 

…And I installed it in a cheap Sears classical guitar from the 1960s that’s coming unglued in the back. It made me think, “Why would I ever buy a nice expensive guitar.” It just sounds that good. Changes everything in how I play that guitar. Every note is so clear and present.

Never really meant for this to be a performance worthy guitar. It’s my guitar at the house that I pull off the wall to pluck around on and do scratch work on. But I love playing it so much that I always wanted it to be an onstage guitar as well. Thank you so much for what you do!” Scott M.

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