JourneyTek Classical Passive 4-piezo Pickup EP004K

JourneyTek Classical Passive 4-piezo Pickup EP004K

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An upgradeable, clear transparent passive 4-piezo pickup for classical guitars. Requires no batteries.

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The EP-004K Passive piezo pickup is an elegant pickup solution for transparent tone to amplify the natural sound of your acoustic guitar. Installation requires no modification to your guitar apart from drilling the endpin jack hole and gluing the elements to the bridge plate. This new model can be upgraded without the use of tools to our new active stereo pickup that features a goosneck microphone and these discrete soundhole controls: Master Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble, Phase.

General Specs and Details:

  • 3 balanced German-made ceramic piezo elements – 20mm diameter
  • no batteries needed
  • frequency response 22Hz-18kHz
    • EADGBE guitar frequency range is E2 (82 Hz) to F6 (1,397 Hz)
  • Installation Guide Here:
  • NOTE: As this is an endpin jack, you may consider buying our Journey Guitar Strap which is slit to fit this endpin. Otherwise, you may need to enlarge the hole for your strap.
  • UPC 643485844334

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